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Since I cant leave a comment this is the beautiful Island of Cozumel. I went here and did the Atlantis undersea adventure in which you are transported by boat the reef and then you board a submarine and go down 120 meters. Also Home to the Smallest Hard Rock Café in the World. The food there is very good

Travel photos

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On blog content arrangement Part 2

I’ll spread the word for you


OR On blog content arrangement Part 2

We talked about difficulties of navigating blogs without proper cues yesterday in Part 1. Let’s think about a few principles of arrangement of posts on the page today.

On a reader-friendly arrangement of posts

So how can we arrange content on our blog so that it’s more accessible to the reader?

There is only one answer.

The easiest way to do this is to put ourselves in the reader’s shoes.

We won’t be able to know how it feels in the reader’s shoes unless we first know what kind of content we are generating which in turn is attracting what kind of readers.

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Lava In The Ocean… How Cool!!

Holy Moly that’s a beautiful pic

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a rainy day in hamburg germany

My friend is going to Germany, It looks pretty nice. Im going to follow you and repost pics for her if you don’t mind

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The Basics: Passports, VISAs, and work permits

International Travel Expert

Passports, VISAs, and work permits oh my! Although the Department of State should be your primary resource prior to your departure (, the information below will explain the difference between a passport, VISA, and work permit.

A passport is an official document issued by the government (United States Postal Service) that allows you to travel to foreign countries; however, certain countries require you to provide a VISA as well.  A VISA is an endorsement on a passport, allowing you to visit a foreign country for a period of time.  So where do you receive a VISA?  One must visit the foreign country’s consulate and fill out their VISA application in its entirely.  What if you want to work in another country?  You will be required to receive a work permit.  A work permit is legal authorization that allows you to work in a specific country.  Although each application…

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Picture of the Day: Into the Dragon’s Lair

That’s awesome






Photograph by TOBIAS LINDMAN


In this vivid capture, we see the entrance to Rådhuset metro station. Rådhuset (Court House) is a rapid transit station in Kungsholmen in central Stockholm, part of the Stockholm metro. The station is located on the blue line between T-Centralen and Fridhemsplan and was opened on 31 August 1975. The underground station is named after Rådhuset (The Court House) right above the surface. Above you will also find City Hall and the Stockholm Police Headquarters. Like other stations on the Stockholm metro, it uses organic architecture, which leaves the bedrock exposed and unsculptured, appearing to be based on natural cave systems. [Source]

At 110 kilometers (68.3 miles) in length, the Stockholm Subway System is said to be the world’s longest art exhibit. Travelling by metro is like travelling through an exciting story that extends from…

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The Isley Brothers — Who’s That lady

Another good song

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It IS So Nice In Sidney Today

So Nice Out Today

Hello from Sidney, BC it is a super nice and sunny day outside can’t wait to get outside and go for a walk just a short post to say hello and to thank you all for following me I have almost 300 views now and it is steadily growing throughout the days.
I hope my post are interesting and enjoyable. I have reblogged a lot of cool pictures in the last couple days and hope that those have also been enjoyable.

I can’t wait to continue showing you guys all the cool stuff I find I do apologise for yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather today I am feeling a lot better and can’t wait to head of to Mexico and visit the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. As long as I have wifi I will be posting from there so you should see some pretty cool pictures and reviews of things that we do.

I have been rushing around a little bit packing so I’m sorry if things are seeming a little rushed things will calm down eventually when I put my feet up.

Talk to you soon,



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Have You Been Paid For Your Blogs Yet?

Have you ever been paid for your blogs???

I am surprised at the amount of people who aren’t getting paid to blog. There are places out there that are paying people to use WordPress and other blogging sites.

Can You Type?

I know it’s a silly question everybody can type. Most Companies who pay you to blog want you to put out blogs with word counts between 400 to 500 word counts. Not to tricky most of us do it here on a regular basis. To have a paid blog where you can pretty much talk about whatever you want is pretty amazing.

Are You An SEO Pro?

I know I’m not but with the training I have received so far I have just under 300 visits and 25 followers so I must be doing something right. If you take the time to train and learn with these companies you can receive rather large cheques weekly.

I’ll Make This Short And Sweet

How many hits does your blog get a day? How many missed opportunities to put something on your page to help get yourself paid? I am not saying that everyone that clicks on your page would necessarily be a paying customer. But say you had 100 views on your site today, you were paid $100 for each person who decided to be a follower and you got 10 followers that’s only 10% of your views converting into followers. But I’ll let you do the math what is 10 x $100 = ……. $1000 for something you enjoy doing.

My Invite

I invite you all to check out a link where you will find a short video which will show you how easy this is. If you aren’t intrigued don’t worry about it (I know you wont be).

Check out

Come and work with me and learn from some of the biggest Gurus in internet marketing. Can you imagine where you blog would be with a little bit of training?

Talk to you soon,


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