Goodbye To Summers …

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Besides, if it was, wouldn’t I have to title it, “Hello More Summers”?

No, this is a post about saying goodbye because today is Richard Summers – planner extraordinaire – last day at Wieden.

Rich has been with W+K for 6 years … first in London and then with us.

Over that time, Rich has been involved in a huge amount of stuff, however the best way to show how much it’s changed him is to compare photos from his time in London …

… with that of his time in Shanghai …

Yep, he’s gone from clean cut, lover of stylish, laid back shades-of-grey to semi-drunken, cliched french/burglar fashionista.


That aside, Rich is going to be missed hugely by colleagues, clients and me.

Apart from being smart, hugely talented, immensely creative and a fellow lover of documentaries [not to mention being the possessor of the largest bank…

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