Sorry I fell Off The Map for A couple Days – Mexico Tommorrow

Fell Off The Map A Bit – Mexico Tommorow

Mexico Tommorow Night!!!!!

Well the day has finally come and I am on my way to Mexico tomorrow. I have been so excited and need it as it has been a bit of a hectic couple days for me. Not I have had trouble packing thats pretty easy, not because I was doing anything to do with going to Mexico, life just got busy.

I have been running around doing things I cant do while I am working so this vacation has been a lot of playing catch up so by the time I get to Mexico I can put my feet up and relax for a bit.

I am going to run right to the beach when I arrive even if I am tired from my red eye flight to Mexico. I have a lot of trouble sleeping on planes and hope that I can get a bit before we land as I love driving through Cancun. Mexico has a lot of Americanised Stores so but things are a little different.

They have a giant wind power plant and thats always the first hint that I am back in Mexico this thing is huge and if you ever go there you will know exactly what I am talking about.

I hope to get onto a computer down in Mexico so I can show you all some cool pics and tell you what I am upto if not there will be a lot to type about when I get home.

Here are a few links of Places I have visited in Mexico already:

Xcaret Adventure Park:

Rio Secreto:


If you dont here from me in Mexico I hope to hear from you all soon,


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