The Basics: Passports, VISAs, and work permits

International Travel Expert

Passports, VISAs, and work permits oh my! Although the Department of State should be your primary resource prior to your departure (, the information below will explain the difference between a passport, VISA, and work permit.

A passport is an official document issued by the government (United States Postal Service) that allows you to travel to foreign countries; however, certain countries require you to provide a VISA as well.  A VISA is an endorsement on a passport, allowing you to visit a foreign country for a period of time.  So where do you receive a VISA?  One must visit the foreign country’s consulate and fill out their VISA application in its entirely.  What if you want to work in another country?  You will be required to receive a work permit.  A work permit is legal authorization that allows you to work in a specific country.  Although each application…

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