It IS So Nice In Sidney Today

So Nice Out Today

Hello from Sidney, BC it is a super nice and sunny day outside can’t wait to get outside and go for a walk just a short post to say hello and to thank you all for following me I have almost 300 views now and it is steadily growing throughout the days.
I hope my post are interesting and enjoyable. I have reblogged a lot of cool pictures in the last couple days and hope that those have also been enjoyable.

I can’t wait to continue showing you guys all the cool stuff I find I do apologise for yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather today I am feeling a lot better and can’t wait to head of to Mexico and visit the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum. As long as I have wifi I will be posting from there so you should see some pretty cool pictures and reviews of things that we do.

I have been rushing around a little bit packing so I’m sorry if things are seeming a little rushed things will calm down eventually when I put my feet up.

Talk to you soon,




About kbwill

3o Something years old, hard working fun loving kinda guy. Live life to the fullest and Remember to smile, and...... blog everyday
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