A Stormy Day In Sidney, British Columbia

Well it’s a stormy and kind of uninspiring kind of day. I figure I’ll keep things close to home and write about where I live in Sidney, British Columbia, Canada.

Sidney is known for having a lot of book stores mostly used books but there are a lot to choose from.

Victoria's world famous Butchart Gardens are a...

Victoria’s world famous Butchart Gardens are actually located in Central Saanich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are the typical grocery stores you would find in any British Columbia town. We have a very small movie theater known as “Star Cinema”. It holds about 100 people and is looking to upgrade a little. It has had fears of closing down as of late but with charity and hard work on their part its still alive.

Sidney Is home to many different types of people and is a little bit slower paced. As it is more affordable in most areas to live in Sidney, British Columbia  younger families have started to come and live. It’s other draws are the closeness to the Victoria Airport and to The Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal used by BC Ferries. Sidney is also the home of  the U.S. Ferry to Annacortes. It travel for approximately 5 months of the year and is a great way to get across to the states from Sidney.

There is tons of  places to dock your boat if you are visiting Sidney from out in the ocean. The Restaurants in Sidney are all of fairly good standard and I doubt you’d be displeased by anything you tried.

Thursday Street Market

Thursday Street Market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Close to the Action

Sidney is About 30 mins North of Victoria, British Columbia and about 10 to 15 mins from Butchart Gardens. There are tons of places in between Sidney and Downtown Victoria to explore. I doubt you would get bored traveling around anywhere in the region.

Starting in the warmer months The Sidney Street Market starts and every Thursday night you see the downtown streets of Sidney, British Columbia come to life. There are crafts, foods, entertainers, pretty much the usual street market.

Some Of the Attractions Downtown Sidney

As I have said before there are a lot of book stores to choose from. There is The Sidney Museum which has a lot of historical items inside as well around February to March they have a Lego exhibit. The Sidney Waterfront is a great place to walk it spans for quite a long time and thee is a lot of wildlife to see.

The Shaw Ocean Discovery Center is a great Place to learn about the Ocean. Once inside you will see all types of Sea Creatures and even a large Octopus. There are helpful staff around to show you around and answer questions as well at the end there is an area where you can touch certain sea creatures. Great Spot for kids.

Mineral World is a pretty cool place to see and it is right across the road from the Ocean Discovery Center its free to get in and if you are interested in shiny rocks, crystals and other related things head on in. They have a scratch patch where you can pick your own favorite rocks. There is tons more entertaining stuff to do check out the website at www.sidney.ca

Restaurants I Personally Enjoy in Sidney, British Columbia

Carlos Cantina serves Mexican food and is really well priced. Thai Corner Serves Traditional Thai food. Salty’s Fish and Chips (The name says it all ) Serves up a great fish and chips dinner. Odyssia will fill you up with Pasta best to go there on cheap pasta night

Some new arrivals to the area include The Noodle Box, Floyd’s Diner which is open for breakfast and lunch.

I hate doing this to businesses but I am not to fond of a couple places in Sidney, British Columbia.  Fish On Fifth used to be one of my favorite restaurants in Sidney but in recent times the Quality just doesn’t seem to be there. I will likely go back here but I am going to give it some time to correct itself. Smitty’s Restaurant out here has very rude staff and the manager is not much better. I was served something that tasted very off and I asked the server if it was packaged or done fresh, she told me that it was done fresh and there was just a new person there. When I went to pay for my meal I asked the manager how the new cook was she said that they had the same cook for over 5 years. I then asked her why one of her waitresses would tell me that she was new and if in fact what I bought was packaged or made fresh, she told me it was made from a package as I had thought and that she did not know why the person would say what she did. The manager basically didn’t seem to care when I told her that I was unhappy with my service because as we left the door I told her I wouldn’t be coming back her response to me was that they had many other customers that could fill my spot. If you want breakfast go to Floyd’s and order a Mahoney, you wont be let down.

Sorry About the last little rant I had I just wanted you to know. Hope you enjoyed the info about Sidney, British Columbia please feel free to follow.   Have an awesome day


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