How to retire

It’s crazy the little things you can do. Good advice here, follow it 🙂


OK, here comes a big equalizer.
Add up your heating bills, your electricity bills, your water and sewer bills. Add to that, maintenance on your house such as paint, roof, windows etc.
Now, go out and find a house with a well, a septic system that works, Throw in a tankless water heater and buy a house like mine.
Lin and I bought a house that is a total of 300 square feet.
Little house equals little bills.
We actually got an electric bill one month that was $8.80.
I have no water bill and no sewer bill.
The house is so small we can heat it with one propane gas log, which also feeds the gas stove. Last winter we heated and cooked for about $300, and the entire spring summer and fall will be about $100, since we won’t need heat.
Since there is seldom more than…

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