Five travel websites you’re not using (and should be)

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Before the dawn of the internet, we relied on people to help us satiate our travel needs. It was a very 1:1, personalized, travel booking experience, and a lot of thought, time, and decision-making was put into planning a trip. Fast forward to 2013, and I would argue, not much has changed… but we do look at how we book travel much differently. Information is much easier to find, so we no longer need to interface with people to book a trip. Instead, we interact with the worldwide web to glean whatever it is we need to make an informed decision about the vacation of our dreams (or at least the vacation that fits our budget :)).

Working in the travel industry – and specifically in a B2B capacity – I have the benefit of seeing, using, and even to an extent, helping to create great ways to sell travel. And…

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