Butchart Gardens, Victoria, BC

Victoria's world famous Butchart Gardens are a...

Victoria’s world famous Butchart Gardens are actually located in Central Saanich (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Butchart Gardens


One of the top spots in the Greater Victoria area is The Butchart Gardens with over 55 acres of beautifully groomed and well planted land. Butchart Gardens brings in tourists from all over the world and is open year round with seasonal displays and activities.

The Growth Of Butchart Gardens

It all started in the early 1900’s when Robert Pym Butchart moved from Ontario to B.C. to open up a Portland Cement factory. They dug a huge quarry and when that was run dry Butchart’s wife decided to start what is known at Butchart Gardens as the Sunken Garden. This is a Beautiful garden with tons of really nice plants, a pond and a large piece of rock in the middle of the garden that you can walk up and get a great view.

They later Built an Italian Garden where they once had their tennis courts, A sea side Japanese garden, and a Rose Garden. As you walk through each you forget where you are.

By the 1920’s there were over 50,000 visitors.

Things to do at Butchart Gardens

Aside from admiring all the flowers there are always Seasonal Events going on at Butchart Gardens. In the Summer there is a fireworks show every Saturday night, In the winter there is the 12 days of Christmas with carollers, skating and many other Winter related activities. In the Spring there is Easter and they place little Easter Bunnies all over the place for the young kids … and big kids alike :).

You can ride the Rose Carrousel which is really nice and a great break if your tired of walking. There are also times of the year where you can go right inside the Butchart’s house and see some of the areas that are closed during busy times and when the family actually still uses them. There are a couple of Restaurants and a Gelato Bar in the summer. Like many attractions there is a well stocked gift shop where the caring staff is always ready to lend a hand.

The Restaurants

The Dining Room is  home to some of the best wines and local foods and has helped Butchart Gardens receive many awards.  In the Summer they Start to serve afternoon tea it is quite popular and runs until they start doing the high tea in the summer months. Check the website for an up to date listing of foods served and the number to make reservations. Admission prices are still required to get into the park.

The Blue Poppy is a cafeteria style restaurant with many things for you to enjoy. Dinners are table service or cafeteria style.

There is a coffee shop and as it states it serves coffee and light snacks to keep you going on your journey through the park.

In the summer there is a hot dog stand, popcorn stand, gelato stand and a few other little stands to keep you well fed as you walk around the park.

Cool Parts of the Park

Make sure you stop and relax and watch the water jets halfway through the park they are quite amazing.

Stop By the Rose Carrousel and go for a ride

Head down past the Japanese garden and take a boat cruise (seasonal)

See the fireworks show

Hit the gift shops

Heck the whole park is cool.

I am purposely being vague on some parts of this as I don’t want to ruin the experience for you. I hope this has given you a little more information on The Butchart Gardens and enjoy your visit while there.

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  1. Obviously we feel pretty much the same about the Gardens! Plan to be out for the fireworks later this summer………and the ROSES. I pretty much spend a full day in Sidney browsing and buying books……….What’s with the Bottle Tree? Took some photos while there this month but don’t know much about it……..Lucky you, you live in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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