Resort Number One- Catalonia Yucatan / Catalanio Riviera Maya

hotel lobby at catalonia

hotel lobby at catalonia (Photo credit: CosmoPolitician)

Catalonia Yucatan / Catalonia Riviera Maya 

This Hotel is in the Gated Community of Peurto Aventuras and there is a whole community there with Shops, Restaurants, Marine Wildlife exhibition with Dolphin Rides and Manaties. It is a safe community with a Golf Course and a marina Surrounded by condos and nice houses.

Consider these hotels as one hotel. The grounds and everything are all connected between the two. It has two lobbies and that is the only separation I could see.

This hotel is awesome, I would recomend this hotel if you are planning a trip to Mexico there is a lot less rooms in this hotel but it is not lacking in entertainment, food, pools …


There are Seven Restaurants and alll of them are well staffed and clean they include: A Japanese Restaurant where everything is cooked right in front of you, It’s a great show and the food is awesome. There is A Tapas Bar and they serve smaller plates with different foods on there it is quite good and my wife and I went back a couple of times ;). There is also a Steakhouse right along the beach and they serve more Americanised food like of course steak, burgers and other tasty foods. The Steakhouse turns into the snackbar when all of the restaurants and buffets are closed. There are two buffets the main which serves an array of food and you shouldn’t get bored eating there, the other one doesn’t seem to be open during low volume times but when it does open it feels more like an upper class restaurant and if you want really tasty juice go in there.

Last but not least if you want a taste of Mexico and you are staying at the Catalonia you have to try the Mexican Restaurant. The staff in here is top notch and the food spectacular (there was one really stinky cheese there that turned my wife off but I enjoyed the taste) They serve traditional Mexican food and the menu is quite well rounded for those who may not like spicy. A we made really good friends with a guy named Samuel who works in there he is a great Guy and if you tell him that I recommended you he will be your best friend.

The Spa

This place is amazing !!!!!! do not hesitate to go in here it is relaxing. They have a Gym, Saunas, A cold pool, massges and more. And thats just getting in the door the ceilings inside are vaulted and very beautiful. While you are waiting for your treatment you are wrapped in a towel and warmed up as well as served tea or juice.  The massage staff is thorough and well trianed.

After you are done with your massage you should check out the spa circuit, there are a bunch of different water jets that work different parts of your body so refreshing.

Get your drink on!!! Wooohoooo Mexico !!!!!

There are an abundance of watering holes throughout the hotel including the snack bar, lobbies, poolside swimups, and my favorite right on the beach. I wont get into this to much because all I can say is that the drinks are made prefessionally and they come in nicely sized glasses.

There is a Dico at night as well 🙂


The rooms are well maintained and clean you may see the odd lizard climbing around but that is cool and the last time we were there they applied stripping to the bottom of the doors. They are equipped with a hair dryer, lots of toiletries, either 2 twins or a king bed, small drink fridge stocked daily. Some rooms were in need of a little repair but it was nothing really bad just touching up the shower areas.

If you can get in to the Villas they are pretty much central and not as noisy. We had a ground floor one looking out over the garden and towards the Riviera Maya lobby and it was quite nice to sit outside as half way throught the day it got shady when you needed to cool down.


Every night there is a show and they are of high quality. These shows include: The lion King which if you have kids they can become a Hyena in the production or if you have a baby they can Become Simba. Micheal Jackson Tribute, Black Light Show, Cirque De Soleil and so Many more. Throughout the day the entertainers are around the pools doing fun events like dance classes, arobics, skits, games and whatever esle you think of for fun.


If you like shopping there a two Logo Shops there with a lot of artifacts and cool stuff known to Mexico. You can get shirts, post cards, vanilla and tons of other things once you are in there you will see.

At night the Vendors will be in the main pool area to sell you more interesting things they have little kiosks with jewelry, cigars, hats, paintings, pottery …

If you like shopping and want to leave the resort Playa Del Carmen is a five to ten min collectivo (bus) ride away or you can take a taxi. Make sure if you book a taxi you set your price before you get rolling or you could get ripped off and only use government plated taxis as they are more safe.

In Playa Del Carmen there is so much to see and do there is well over 100 stores and I think I am a bit low on that. This is also where you get on the ferry to go to Cozumel that is a whole other story I will tell you about later

This Resort Is really Kid friendly

There is a really good kids club at The Catalonia. They have a fenced off slide and sandbox with evertyhing a kid would want. During the day you can see the kids painting, throwing water balloons and so much more. Also they prepare the kids to participate in the nightly show if the want to. They usually do a mini disco for the kids before the main entertainment starts so that if they cant stay awake they have had some fun.

My Personal Experience

The staff is great here, although at one point I found them a little innatentive in the Japanese Restaurant when I had to get up and use the washroom. So I did my business and to my discovery the door handle on the inside was missing so I was trapped. There was no way to get out as the door went from floor to ceiling. After half an hour of banging noone heard me, I took off the door trim and with a little kicking and prying with my door card I had finally freed myself. So that wasn’t to cool but I survived. They Gave my wife and I a free Spa Massage hich was nice …. I had to sign a waiver saying I wasn’t going to Sue them before I got it though.

My wife and I have been to this resort twice now and were looking at going again next week but due to costs and more family coming we have to goto another resort. The Grand Bahia Principe Tulum which isn’t to far away.

You will not be let down By the Catalonia it is a Gem of Mexico, the staff, the resort, the area, are all very clean and friendly. The food Spectacular, the view from the beach is so nice. the drinks, and of course you are in Mexico Why complain ????

I hope that I have helped you choose the Catalonia Yucatan Or Catalonia Riviera Maya for your Next trip to Mexico


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