Resort Number 2- Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

I will tell you right off the bat I was here for two weeks and some of the time my wife and I did not enjoy ourselves. Please remember that this is my opinion and anything that I say here is only my opinion and you can choose to agree or disagree.

The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

The Grounds

The ground at the Grand Sirenis where very very big and if you needed to get around you may need a trolley. The grounds were well kept and clean and the pools were nice and easily accessable for everyone. There are very nice swim up bars situated around the pools which were open for most of the day.  Some of the rooms are very far away from the beach and the lobby which if you are far away from those it is hard to get a drink after 8 pm without walking to the lobby. Same goes for the beach if your room is far away from the beach and there is no trolley in sight you gotta walk. I hope you are catching my bitter undertone about trolleys by now. Oh wait I didn’t mention if you want to walk to the spa ( a relaxing experience ) it takes like half an hour from the lobby.

Wear good shoes if it is raining here as all around the hotel is tile and the floors are not very grippy or covered by the floor above. I fell many a time even with the railings.

There is a Lazy River here and it was a fairly fun experience although the sides of it were jagged concrete and if you hit them with your shoulder it hurt. As well it was not watched over and kids would always be swimming against the current and get mad at you while floating by them and telling them to move. Towards the end of our trip the pumps had stopped working so the River was Useless and filled with sand as it seemed to be the norm for people to wash their feet off after the beach.

The Rooms

The rooms are nice and clean and big, well equipped with a stand up shower and Jacuzzi style tub. One thing that was really wierd is the large window that is beside the tub and has a large gap at the top so if you are flatulent on the toilet anyone else will likely hear. The showers have full body sprayers but we switched rooms a couple times and none seemed to work very well

Please note this is also the same hotel that had pin hole cameras in some of the showers strangely enough behind almost every shower is a service room which some unlikely travellers noticed a shine that looked rather unusual for the shower and low and behold a camera. I am slightly flattered that someone would think of filming people in the shower and hey if you wanna take a pic of me there, sucks to be you.

These rooms did have a great view on the jungle side where we were, on the other side you look at the pool and all you hear all day is the entertainment poolside. A piece of Advice for you try and get a room around the Bacabs which if I remember is in the 3000 range of rooms this gets you close to the lobby and the food.

The Food

Lets just say all the food was pretty much made in one location and carted around to the restaurants, when you complain that the food is cold they direct you to the microwave. All the food was pretty much processed and overly salty.

There was five restaurants and one buffet (they may lie to you and tell you there are two buffets as there are two lobbies and two seperate resorts but they are connected don’t get fooled into paying a higher price I know some did) They include a Japanese Restaurant which was quite good and nicely staffed, The Brazillian Restaurant which had to be my favorite restaurant ever, an Italian Restaurant, a French RestaurantA steak house and of course the Cajun…….

We went to the Cajun on our first night at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya and before we did this our concierge at the time did not recommend that we eat the jumablaya but that was one of my favorite things to eat. It was terrible and when I asked for something else they laughed and walked away so I should have trusted my concierge, if it is common knowledge why the F do they serve it still. Outside it was a very romantic setting for my wife and I, they had just shut the pool down and decided to fix the wood beams above the closest swim up bar. This involved about 12 maintenance workers who were shouting at the top of their lungs and I am very fluent in spanish swear words and I heard pretty much all of them. When I asked to be moved inside so it was more quiet and considering it was empty thought it would be ok, the waiter said no and walked away – terrible service. The food was cold and old don’t expect much if you go here.

The ice cream Parlour was great and they always had nice flavours of ice cream and we expected that to be cold as everything else was 😉 it was basically unlimited ice cream til 5 then it was closed after that.

There was also a snack bar on the beach that served frsh tortillas various meats, this was a great place to come and eat. The birds thought so to as they would come right on your table and eat off of your plate. That aside it was enjoyable and I would make it there every day.

Also there is a healthy restaurant by the spa, if you never went there you wouldn’t even know it was there. They served fresh fish, steak, or chicken with veggies, as well as sandwhiches and drinks. Very small very quaint and food was really good.


The entertainment here was all right but it did not match upo to the class at the Catalonia Rivera Maya as well people were smoking all the over the theater making it very uncomfortable for non smokers. The poolside entertainment was all right but at times was to loud and annoying. They were always doing something fun.

I am going to add the Kid friendly part in here since I didn’t care for it much. It was way out of the way and was not running while we were there and it looked quite run down. If i was a kid I wouldn’t enjoy myslef here.

Those Darn Trolleys

So as I mentioned earlier trying to get a trolley is so hard so you end up walking everywhere. You would call for a trolley then the guy would come to pick you up a half an hour later and it would be full of exhausted people trying to get where they wanted to go. Our usual answer was it was full and baggage had priority or wait  was a half an hour later. From lobby to beach took quite a while. Bring your walking shoes !!!!

The Beach

The beach itself was nice looking until you got down there and had to walk on all the sea shells, my advice is to bring water shoes to make it enjoyable. There was Jet Skis and other fun stuff to rent there when it wasn’t to windy. If you like to snorkel there was usually a class right on the beach where you could swim with all kinds of fish and sea life.

My Over All Experience

Pardon me if I sound a little bitter about this place but now I will let you know some of the other unfortunate circumstances that happened during our stay. Lets start with this building being mainly outside and thats fine as it is the jungle and all but when it rains there the tile floors became extremely dangerous to walk on as they are not covered by more than a four foot walway over head.

We were there during what the locals called the worst tropical depression they had ever seen. This caused them to shut down the loobies as the roofs were falling apart and large pieces of drywall had fallen on a group of travellers. It was very difficult to get drinks at that point and when it was that rainy outside you had no way of staying dry to go anywhere and they did nothing to accomodate the lobbies being shut down, you could still get drinks there but there was nowhere to sit. A lot of people ended up staying in their rooms while it was rainy and at one point we were on mandatory lockdown for a hurricane warning, we had friends at a resort not that far away that were free to go wherever while we were told not to leave our rooms.

We got a letter at our door the first morning we were there that invited us to a free lunch if we produced it to the concierge. To our excitement we thought we had something special so we brought it to our concierge and asked how old we were and at the time my wife was not 25 so they said I couldn’t bring her and I had to go by myself which I was not going to do. At this point they tried to take the card from me but I went to the manager and they said that this had nothing to do with the Sirenis and that they shouldn’t have been circulated. Needless to say we saw the concierges going around picking them all up.

Another thing about the Concierges is that every I meen every time you walked by them they would ask your room number and get mad if you didn’t. They always wanted to upsell and it was annoting to the point where they had one of them follow me across the resort trying to get my room number. I had to tell management and they stopped bugging us.

I will re-state that many people gave this resort good reviews some even worse than mine and all my opinions are striclty mine you can agree or disagree. I have posted a link with rewards that they have recently recieved and as it has been a year and a half since I was there a lot could have changed.

In my opinion I wouldn’t go here again, make your own choice just keep my thoughts in mind

My next posting will be about Memeories La Salinas in Cuba as I just came back from there in December. 🙂

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