Ludlow and the castle

Stephen Liddell

Our next day out would be focused on the historic market town of Ludlow situated around 7 miles south of our holiday cottage.  We were almost reluctant to go out after enjoying a very peaceful night.  We all felt it to be delightful not to be woken in the night by cars, planes, neighbours or late night party goers but if nothing else a trip to Ludlow would allow us to see some more of amazing local countryside.  Furthermore the previous night we had enjoyed a lovely home-cooked meal comprising of nothing but local meat and vegetables and we wanted more of both.

Ludlow is an extraordinarily pretty old town with buildings dating from over 900 years ago and a whole number of later quaint and slightly wonky looking tudor buildings and more recent grand looking georgian residences.  From several miles off you can see the tall church spire but really…

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