Where are you going? Where Have you been? A bit of travel and Some life story

“Where are you going?  Where have you been?”

I have done a lot of travelling in my lifetime. I guess you would say I have came down with the travel bug.

Since a young age I have been adventuring all over the place, it all started when I was a young kid probably about seven years old when I started to travel. It was the first time I realised that home was not a safe place for me for a few days as my mother was severly Bipolar and quite a heavy drinker. I was a boy scout and had been camping before, I had $50 saved from my birthay which wasn’t to far back I took that and found my neighbors door open and took their foil wrapped ham that was cooling on the counter and was on my way up to Scout Mountain in Powell River, BC. I stayed up  there for a night then I went to my granparents house whuch was directly below the mountain they had no Idea why I just showed up there but they looked after me. I think they saved my life.

On to a more happy note, my mother and my step father at the time had got back together and things were really good for a long time … we would always travel in his 1933 Ford Tudor Coupe to Rod Runs and such. That was amazing seeing all those cars all souped up.

At the age of 17 I was on my own again and living in a Cabin just below Mount Washington in the Comox Valley. I was an avid snowboarder and this was perfect as I could walk out to the road  and someone would give me a ride up the hill. Being alone was hard as I was still in school I worked 4am to 8am at a grocery store then I would goto school then be back at work from 4pm to 8pm kind of tiring but I graduated and didn’t do to badly. I started working 2 jobs just to survive and this is when my life started to get fun I had a job that was paying me up to $30 an hour schucking oysters as well as working as a night cleaner at a grocery store  I would take a week off work at a time and explore Vancouver Island, going to all the small towns and seeing what I could find. My friends and I had such a great life . Then it happened ……..

We comforted his mom and then it was time to say goodbye 😦

On to better topics

After that my life was hard for a bit then I moved to Victoria, had a really great job working as a call center supervisor/trainer. I decide to go for a walk and buy my favorite candy frogs from the gas station down the road. I guess it isn’t that good yet as I was on my way there a guy in an F350 was on his cell phone and not looking when he hit me on my side and I went half way under his truck. I got up and walked and that was a bad idea as I fell backwards like a falling tree and cracked my head open. I went to the hospital and I stayed there for a few days then argued to get discharged. I couldn’t walk and I like to have showers across the floor to the shower and flopped myslef in…… I do promise it gets better.

I was in a wheelchair but it was harder to use that around the house than to drag myslef I was 230 pounds and fairly muscular so my upper body strength helped a lot. I never give up and somehow 3 weeks later I hobbled my way into the docs office and his face dropped. I started physio, IMS, and Accupuncture. It took almost 2 years to be as good as I could be my spine is still messed up and who knows when I will need surgery. Either way ICBC and myself came to a settlement which doesn’t really seem fair but I earned it with all the pain. I still have it investing and I treat it like I don’t even have it, my wife has no idea how much it is but we will be able to retire off it. The Good life starts.

Well now I am married have a lovely daughter who although I don’t see her alot I love her with all my heart (I’ll talk about that in another post). I have travelled many places and seen a lot of cool things.

I think I’ll stop spilling my life for a while as the tears have been flowing for quite a while now. Thanks for reading and wondering Whats Will Up To?


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3o Something years old, hard working fun loving kinda guy. Live life to the fullest and Remember to smile, and...... blog everyday
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