should you care who your customers are?

Very true 😀


As a marketer, there’s a key principle that I live by: Know your customer. You have to really understand your customers in order to serve them well, with products that benefit them, and through messages that resonate. Customer empathy makes good sense and good business.

But what if you knew your customer used your products/services to run an illegitimate business? Should you care, and would you do business differently (would you do business with this customer at all)?

I came across an interesting CNN Money report, linking the rise of prostitution in Silicon Valley to certain technologies that have made payments in the industry much easier and more convenient. One example mentioned was the Square card reader, which is apparently used by sex workers in the Valley to accept credit card payments for their “consultative” services.

So, if you’re Square, do you care that your card reader potentially plays…

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